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UAV/UAS Workshop & Pavilion


UAV/UAS Sessions

Wednesday, February 24 | 10:30-12:00 | Mineral Hall A-C
UAVs for Utilities and Inspections

Paul Frey, Sr. Manager of Operations, Edison Electric Institute
Tero Heinonen, Founder & CEO, Sharper Shape

Dave Palen, Vice President, Field Services & Business Development, Environmental Consultants Inc.


Wednesday, February 24 | 1:30pm - 3:00pm | Mineral Hall D-G
Issues faced and potential benefits precision measurement professionals can realize with the adoption and integration of UAV/sUAS. Conversation will include:

  • Impact of regulations/liability considerations
  • Data acquisition and data integration/management considerations
  • Quality and accuracy realities
  • Aerial Market opportunities & threats


Grant Hagen, Virtual Design and Construction Manager, The Beck Group
Mike Tully, President & CEO, Aerial Services, Inc.
Eric Andelin, President & CEO, VERTX
Bryan Baker, UAS Sales Manager, NAFTA, Leica Geosystems


UAV Solutions at ILMF

 The following companies will display their UAV solutions at the ILMF 2016 UAV Pavilion:

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The following companies will also display their UAV solutions at ILMF 2016:

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